FireGood Shadow Studios is inspired by my desire to have a beautiful space to explore all forms of ‘Energy Medicine’ together.
It is included as part of Diarmid House, which sits on the edge of Loch Long, a finger of the River Clyde, in Argyll, Scotland.
The Loch shimmers in front, behind is the quiet of the forest with its free-flowing mountain streams, deer, and birdsong; to the left is the magnificence of the mountains, the gateway to the highlands. To the right you see the lights of civilisation across the water.
Below is the garden walk and above is the immense sky, bringing an ever-changing vista of clouds, sunshine, dewy rain, rainbows, blue sky, stars and moon.
After facilihousetating two seminars and a summer residency by product design artist Laura Eva Wolfram, a ‘Journey @ home’, hosted by myself and a Trance Dance Meditation hosted by resident Landscape Artist Eva Wolfram – both well received – we are over the moon to have decided to open the space up for bookings in 2021.
We envisage group bookings from across the board – any group who would benefit from the stunning beauty of the surrounding land and seascape, which provides the perfect calm and balance for writers needing time to focus; musicians needing to recharge and get inspiration; painting groups inspired by the vista; yoga retreats;­ communal asanas watching the sun rise over the loch; walking groups; spiritual and healing groups. Or just come to be still.

To book your space, send us a message via the Contact Us form on this website and we will get back to you.
For groups of 14 requiring en-suite B&B facilities, with indoor swimming pool, we can offer a package with accommodation nearby. On site we can offer bunk rooms and tents with shared facilities, and a small selection of rooms. There is also a range of accommodation available on the shore road.
Resident therapists Maggi Simpson and Eva Wolfram, combine a host of massage and other therapies, including an infra-red sauna to relax you further.

Volunteer Week
We will also be running a volunteer week twice a year, allowing people to soak in the grounding energy gardening can give you in return for food and board.

We look forward to sharing this all with you soon!

– Maggi Simpson