About Us

Two resident therapists can add further relaxation to your stay, in the therapy room which also houses an Infra red sauna.

Maggi Simpson

maggisorangeUses her experience as Senior Journey Practitioner, Angel Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Rainbow Essence Practitioner Conscious Coach, Masseuse, Body worker and her voracious interest in energy medicine, Vibrational and Frequency therapy to facilitate physical and emotional release of issues, allowing the possibility of healing through self love, acceptance and peace.                                                                                         Find out more at: http://holiztix.com

Eva Wolfram

AEvaWolframside from being the resident land artist and slow living enthusiast, Eva Wolfram is a versatile therapist and intuitive channel for earth spirit medicine. She holds an IIHHT certificate in Body Massage as well as Trager practitioner and TranceDance facilitator certificates and has trained informally with many amazing teachers and colleagues. Based on her “magical touch”, her treatment approach encompasses traditional body massage and aromatherapy, the work of Dr. Milton Trager, Jin Shin Jyutsu energy work, shamanic dreamwork and other aspects of earth spirit medicine such as crystals and sound. Each treatment is discussed and tailored to your needs, from relaxation and general well-being to injury recovery support, stress and pain management, and support with emotional and psychosomatic processes. Eva has almost two decades of experience and also facilitates meditative TranceDance journeys and earth spirit medicine retreats. Find more about her work at http://www.evawolfram.com.

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