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February 14, Midday: World Sound Healing Day

Become a sonic co-creator, joining in with the 14th annual World Sound Healing Day.
Heal our planet, heal our waters, raise our consciousness.
Come together and join us at Good Shadow Studios at noon on February 14 for a five-minute toning. Afterwards we are offering an introduction to sound healing from 12.30pm to 2pm.
If you are unable to join us, download the video to join in from where you are at:

FEBRUARY 27-28, 2016JourneyLogo: Journey@Home

Journey@Home offers an entirely new way of experiencing Journey work, pioneered by mind-body-healing expert and bestselling author Brandon Bays in the comfort and privacy of your Journey Practitioner’s home.

Click here for details.

Global Grandmothers Circle – Becomes Her Vision Journey 2016



A journey with the Global Grandmothers. In a circle formed by the love and intention of women in different places on the planet. By Eva Wolfram.

New Arrival

IMG_8879WELCOME to Missi Kissi, the first born of our two sheep Oomi and Ecki, so named because when we helped her into this world she had two black stars around her eyes, a little like the ‘Kiss’ frontman, Gene Simmons.

She is the size of her Dad, who is a Texel, and has the aptitude of her Mum, who is a Black Face, and thinks she has the agility of a goat – in the past she has broken her leg falling off a tree and got into all sorts of unsheeply activity.